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>> we take a live look here at the approach to the bay bridge. we're talking about turning up the heat here it is october 1st and is the hottest day we have seen in a long time. we'll be topping a hundred degrees in some spots. >> that's right we have not seen temperatures this high since mid june. it will be toasty warm in the bay area. right now we have forties' 56 tease and low 70's, as we head into the afternoon sun the cist conditions will be ahead. the heat is on to perchers will climb into the triple digits and some east bay spots. it will still be
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relatively warm as we head into the evening hours. here's a sample of the numbers off to a pleasant morning with temperatures between two and eight degrees warmer. those '60s out the door and hayward 48 1/2 on bay 56 and palo alto. as we take a look at some of our bay area hot spots triple digits i'm talking hundred in danville and hundred and one in livermore. we will get pretty close to 100 degree readings in pleasanton at antioch and walnut creek. the expected afternoon highs coming up in just a bit, robin? >> heading into san francisco is quickly backing up the bay bridge toll plaza. make sure to give yourself lots of extra time this morning. the fasttrack lands and i since moved but if you are paying cash you will see a white beard. the
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drive time has increased to 15 minutes. east bay traffic is not too bad highway 4 is getting broader around the antioch area. south bay traffic looks good on the peninsula you are still trouble-free. 101 and 280 are still checking in pretty light. 11 is at the limit. >> the developing story is changes in store for san mateo park street elementary school. last week there was an attempted abduction on campus where a little girl did get away from an attacker who groped her and tried to take her off campus. they have made changes that parents and students will notice, will tran is live on the scene. >> one of the changes you can see behind me that this is one of the two fences that they put in to make sure there is only one entrance and exit into the school. when you arrive at
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park site elementary you will have to go to the main office write your name down and get a visitor's pass to see your child. 10 days ago there is a 20 romanic use of going on to campus in to the bathroom place his hand over nine year-old girl's mouth and try to drag her away from the school. she was kicking and screaming and throwing rocks at him. she made her way back to campus and police arrested him. they also believe he is responsible for similar incidents at two nearby schools. the parents were outraged wondering how this could possibly happen. the school notify the parents as to what exactly was going to be done. today is the first day that they're going to do this. anyone with preschool kids are kids that arm 5 and under their expecting the school to be closed down. there are no openings at the school. parents will be
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writing about a half an hour from right now. the parents were outraged and we will be hearing from the principle of around 9:00. >> the trial begins today in oakland for the woman accused of killing bay area nursing student michelle lay. investigators say it as the bonn blamed late for ruining her relationship for with her daughter's father. both women were interested in the same man. late disappeared in may of last year and was found in rural counties last four months later. the opening statements are scheduled to begin around 930. >> rescue efforts continue at pigeon point near half moon bay where to fishermen fell off their built boat. four people actually fell
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off the boat and two were able to escape to safety with lifejackets. a 15 ft. wave slammed into the boat uc there and capsized. helicopters overnight use night vision technology to search the water and the coastline. this boat washup about 20 mi. south of half moon bay. that is where they are focusing their search for them in this morning. all four are from san francisco. >> nato forces in afghanistan saying that at last this morning from a suicide bomber has killed three international service members. we hear that those three may have been americans. they're among 16 killed including police officers. the talent and is claiming responsibility for the attacks. at least 30 people were killed in a wave of coordinated bombings
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against and i rock. it is the deadliest day and i brought in nearly a month. the shia muslim communities these appeared to be the main target for these attacks. the bombings, and just after several inmates have escaped from prison. alcott and members escape that were serving death sentences. >> oakland police are investigating an early morning car fire that broke out about 1:00 this morning. you can see by this video the front half of that are engulfed in flames. rescue crews were brought and. someone at work at motel 6 spot of that car and called 911. the firefighters put that out quickly and they are investigating possible arson. a man and woman were injured in a drive by sitting shooting that happened late last night.
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the 1000 st of west oakland suspects opened fire and a passing vehicle they had a woman and raise the man. both were taken to the hospital and they are in stable condition. no arrests have been made. >> keeping our eyes on the dow jones industrial average as we start the last quarter of the year. we'll have details ahead. >> we are watching the weather, it is going to be a hot one today. we are not ready because is october 1st but we're looking at example right now. it will be 85 degrees at noon and 90 degrees to 102. we will be right back
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>> allied less care at walnut creek. our camera showing you the 680 as our commute begins to warm up. the temperatures are also going up 62 in danville right now with 96 by noontime and it's going to get up 200 and to its going to be a scorcher. south wall the creek all the way down triple digit temperatures. livermore forget about it it's going to be hot. at the delta is going to be hot. will have full details for you in a minute
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>> a live look at wall street as we're looking at the nasdaq. we're posting solid gains for the third quarter although they finished on a downhill last week. the dow lost 49 forints. but its 4% higher than it was in july. investors are still a nervous about spain even though the results of stress test for the nation's most important banks have passed the stress test. spending rose last month or raising the dow 57 points. >> the doubt reach his all- time peak closing just over
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14,000 points and was mostly down from there. exactly one year to the day later the dow began in 10 date crash. they've got out just under 8400 points. stocks plunged as the housing crisis started. >> we are going to take a break and we will talk with erica and get the latest on the hot temperatures we can expect for this afternoon. the first of october we're talking triple digit weather, it is incredible. 64 degrees in hayward but look for a high of 93. we're talking widespread 90s in triple digits this afternoon.
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>> we're talking wild fires, real hot down in the southland. there is a dry fiwild fire. four firefighters have been injured. and the riverside into making the there is the location itself. it started by people doing target practice in the area. there is a measure of negligence there,
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could they be responsible for some of the damage is there?. the fire is about 20 percent contained. >> big story is the bay area weather. it is going to be higher than yesterday the weather was boiling especially if you were in land. take a look at these people there. out getting some water there a water gun fight there is a great way to beat the heat. it's going to be even hotter today, i was in golden gate park with a few thousand of my best friends. people were baking. here's some of the things that we can do. some people think of cool margarita or a beer sounds good but that is a bad idea. sugar and alcohol and caffeine are the
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worst things to consume. like clothing and cool showers are your best bets. go to free air conditioning spots. that's what i say pactel i love it. i like to look at the rats. >> people are lookingleaving their houses right now. if you have the day off, lucky you you can head to the beach. temperatures are in our in the mid-70s but at the peak we have been trapping tracking temperatures in the '70s but we are climbing into triple digits territory. tomorrow we will shave off a couple of degrees but it will still be sunny with really hot conditions. we turn a corner on wednesday where we dropped as much as 10 degrees and continue with a cooling trend as we transition into the weekend.
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we are off to a warmer start this morning was 66 degrees right on antioch, 66 in downtown san francisco, of 67 in richmond. the numbers will go up this afternoon. it will be a hot one by lunchtime. we're talking '80s widespread indicated by that read on your screen. it looks like we will continue to see an increase in those 90 degree bleedings as we push into your afternoon highs. it will be warmer compared to yesterday, plenty of low to mid 90's in the south bay. los gatos at 96 degrees 90 expected in fremont and again we have all the ingredients to actually break some records as afternoon. we are lacking the off shore flow and because of that we will see record-breaking numbers except for potentially livermore. right now i am
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forecasting 101 degrees which could potentially break the record high of 100 and to set back in 1952. something to keep a low close eye on. another day of low 90s for nevada center fell. 86 for downtown san francisco and 84 expected in san bruno. sunny skies and no cloud cover to talk about low 80s anticipated for santa cruz '70s for monterey. along the coastline it looks like we could pick up and 80 degrees and pacifica. we are tracking excessive heat around the bay area. with that we will see for air quality for some of our inland areas. we do have a spare the air day and the fact. there is a heightening and fire danger but we will see relief by wednesday.
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again gradual cooling expected bay area why. the seven day around the bay forecast shows wednesday we will clear things back down we'll introduce clausen to the forecast. looks like friday right now slated to be the coolest of the week with only upper 70's for your warmest in areas. upper sixties around the bay and a '60s for the coast. at 6:20 a.m. here let's take a look at the traffic with rabin. >> traffic is backing up the bay bridge toll plaza, give yourself lots of extra time this morning. take a look of that back up the cash lanes and the fasttrack planes are quite slow. it is getting is backing up on to the cross area. i'm sure they will turn those meters on shortly because of the higher volume of traffic into the city as we continue to the 6:00 hour. the san mateo bridge is a good alternate for you if your coming from the
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nimitz freeway. head up the loot was no one if you're trying ahead and to san francisco. they're taking 20 minutes to get between hayward and the foster city side the bridge. no problems of the north bay towards the golden gate bridge. it is still a smooth ride to downtown san francisco. the east shore freeway is trouble-free all playdown to the oakland a's. just remember you have all that traffic waiting for yet at the toll plaza. walnut creek looks good no problems there and telling towards 580 this is the slowest commute for now. it is jammed up from 2 05 margin on to west land at to the all to my id is going to be a slow commute is stop and go. less than 50 m.p.h. as we have to the 680. it should be trouble-free as you head into the northbound traffic. if you're heading
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to the airport this morning you will see no problems on 11 or highway 280 as you work your way through san francisco and down to the south bay. >> make sure to bring your own back the next time you go shopping in san francisco or is going to cost you. the city's plastic bag at band begins today in all retail stores. if you do not bring your own back to the store is going to charge you 105 per bag. next october that band is going to extend to restaurants to. this ban is not want to make any money for the city the restaurants and stores keep the money from the backs of the cell. this city is hoping it will help them reach the goal of zero raised by 2020. >> >> there is a museum during
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fleet week it will be the place to see the planes from the past. for a list of times you could come on board to the carrier visit the kron4 .com web site. if you think san francisco will be too crowded don't forget beat sampras is go hornet. if you want to stay home and so that the best of fleet week you can watch our special coming up the blue angels live presented by jeep. it is part of fleet week and you can see the entire air show from the comfort of every home. all available to you sat. october 6th at 3:00 p.m.. >> coming out live from the nation's capital the u.s. supreme code is just minutes away from them putting out the list of cases they will not hear the session. if prop. 8 is on that < san same-sex marriage will be legal in california. we will
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be right back vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> a live look here at a clear golden gate bridge. no fog there on the back. as we look to the north it is 52 degrees right now. we will gain about 40 degrees with the high being 91 this afternoon. we will see if
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they can top that up in the vial, is one of the hot spots today. >> san francisco they're taking over the convention center spilling into the streets. there's a section of power street that is going to be shut down. it is coined be packed we're expecting 50,000 attendees this year. unveil at the conference and to deal with oracle. they're looking to give oracles customers access to its growing map locations. they are expanding the company's mapping services which will compete with google maps. oracle is calling the move an easier way to get customers to use nokia's maps. we will see.
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>> i want to say people have been complaining about the apple mac, i use them twice this weekend. turn by turn series or whoever was talking to me i liked it. it was better than my car. i live a care we're two minutes opening away from opening bells. we will be back
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of >> opening bell on wall street on this first trading day of the first fourth quarter. i'm also feeling pretty with estee lauder ringing in the bell at the new york stock exchange. the year rosellen law of the best third quarter since 2010. the beginning of the last three months trading of this year there up 72 points. also out of
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washington we are waiting for word from the supreme court as to whether or not they're going to hear the case on a prop 8 putting out the list of cases they will not hear. if they do no >> today the weather is going to be hot. conditions right now we have jackie says the reporting from chape. >> let's set spectacular morning we're looking out on san for cisco and seeing how clear it is right now in oakland hills. it feels like it is already in the low 60s out here. it is a beautiful morning. but as you said it will get hotter triple
6:32 am
digits and land. it is a spare the air day here which means there's an air quality, if you could take mass-transit our limit daylight activities such as no wood burning and no grass cutting. there is an extreme fire danger day out here today. the oakland house fire happened in mid october. it is not unusual for these hot days to start fires. that is something you need to be aware of. if you have any outdoor activities like a run or a bike ride tried to get it done early. right now is perfect outside so if you can get done now. >> there's no other way to
6:33 am
say it is just going to be hot this afternoon. >> it is when they get hot there'll be tripper digits in livermore went danville coming into 102 degrees. clear skies, nova is used issues with visibility. here's a list of the bay area's hot spots 102 in danville hundred and one in livermore again close to breaking a record set in 1952. upper 90s in pleasanton at antioch and walnut creek. as we take a look at your beats forecasts if you want belleek relief had to the beach. santa cruz of the 81 and low eighties for since in beets. at 854 ocean beach. and we'll show you when you can expect some relief coming up in my next report. >> the bay bridge is the
6:34 am
only bridge to expect this morning. they have turned a meeting lights on as you can see the cash lanes and the fasttrack plans are backed up extending into the oakland east bay. give yourself lots of extra time. the san mateo bridge is still troubled free for you. highway 4 is a little slow now westbound out of antioch headed towards its bird. the slow traffic from the 2 05 margin with the westbound baltimore heading to livermore. the north bay looks good and you're right on the peninsula 1 01 and both directions at the limit. >> both presidential candidates are gearing up for the debate on wednesday. president obama and mitt
6:35 am
romney are content are wrapping up now some final campaigning and last-minute debate preparations are on their way. they will face off in december the day after tomorrow. supporters are weighing in on who is better prepared. >> both are excellent in their own way you can argue that it has had a lot more recent experience. also part of it depends on who was moderating. then what newt gingrich himself said that he is the best debater and he beat all of them. temple's eddie said he is a terrific the major. >> why would carry say he is better than obama? they're trying to lower expectations. they will while you right here on kron4 with all the highlights of the debate and we'll be showing the debate as well. meantime let's take a look of the latest poll it
6:36 am
shows pretty much a dead heat 48.7% to 48.6% this is the latest they have and the polls. you can see it right here we will study the highlights what if you flip over to kind cast 193 or 4.2247 news channel you can see the entire debate as that first presidential debate gets under way on wednesday. >> with election day a little more than a month away we have some potentially crop troubling cases of boater registration fraud. the republican party has tied a third party firm to get people register to vote. the firm is under investigation for producing questionable voter registration forms they may not have been completely accurate. hundreds and possibly thousands of of for eln
6:37 am
day in, they need to make sure that that information is correct. >> our nation's busiest highway is open again this morning after carmen get into. here's a look at the 4 05 in l.a.. that looks good, traffic looks nice. it opened an hour ahead of schedule last night after was closed down for the weekend. the first time they did this to call it armageddon because they expected a huge traffic nightmare. that did not pan out last time but this time carmen in the sequel they closed the freeway to widen for a car pool lanes. this morning traffic looks like it's moving well. >> coming up on the kron4 news to have more headlines for you and we are following the latest with our high temperatures. here's a live look as san francisco that had scorching temperatures over the weekend. everyone
6:38 am
was just letting. 62 degrees in the city right now by the end noontime it will be 86. alright let's break it down.
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bed awoken back. breaking news. we are looking at these list of cases. -- welcome back. breaking news. and hollandsworth. proposition 8 is not want to be heard. if that was significant than the u.s. supreme court would not be hearing the case. it would go back to the lower court decision whit same sex marriage. the ban is unconstitutional. same-sex
6:42 am
marriage would be illegal. however, it did not make the list. same-sex marriage would be-legal if it did make the list. proposition 8 however it did not make the list for the state of california. >> 6:42 former governor, arnold schwarzenegger, the autobiography hits the shelves today. and he opens up above the highs and lows of his life. including the number of affairs. one however, that resulted in a son. he was the father of a long time child of the housekeeper was the mother. and he suspected it. >> its just appeared to me that something was off he started looking like me. and that is what i kind of got
6:43 am
it. it was never discussed. but i put things together. >> arnold schwarzenegger said that his wife, maria shriver confronted him during a counseling session the day after he left office. she filed for divorce last year. 6:43 we will be back.
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>> welcome back. a 6:46 new security measures go into effect at park side elementary. there was an attempted abduction. when a man tried to grab a girl and dragged her and to the bathroom. the suspect is in ca custody. >> the trial of accused of killing the sho michele lei..
6:47 am
the nursing student. her body has been found. and it is going to be extremely hot with triple digits. danville is expected to be 103 degrees. and i am forecasting 101 degrees that is from 1952. that is 102 degrees is the current record. if we are one degrees warmer. we could break a record. however that is the only spot that we are contending with more of the lack of the onshore flow. we are only going to see some pretty warm temperatures. from our mount tam cam. with that, 60s in antioch. and
6:48 am
downtown san francisco with low 50s in vallejo. upper 40's and half moon bay. as we take a look the futurecast showing that we're already seeing some widespread 80s indicated by the orange on your screen to. it will be a bit warmer from libe livermore-through and a lot more of the red indicated widespread 90's. north, south, east, west it does not wetmatter is going to be taught. with sunnyvale expected to be 90's. it is going to be-hot. triple digits for fairfield, livermore. danville. yes, it is going to be hot for the east bayshore. and oakland. vallejo, of 92. petaluma, 93 downtown san francisco plenty of sunshine and clear skies upper 80s. ocean
6:49 am
beach with 83 degrees in san bruno. later this evening, the oakland a's against the rangers the patch = 6:05 it is going to get dark but it is going to be relatively warm. that first pitch being thrown at 6:0 5:00 p.m. the big story is that excessive heat and also contending with port air quality day has been with spare the air date has been implemented. dehydration is certainly a concern with it today. limit your time outside and/or afternoon highs will be between 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.. your kron 4 7 day around the bay warm
6:50 am
conditions on tap for tomorrow however, we could see perhaps 30 degrees compared with to what we are seeing with, right now. much lower than the seasonal average. 70's for the inland areas. and mid 60s for the coast. >> good morning give yourself plenty of extra time. no relief for the drive into the city by way of the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up into the oakland may ease. and across the upper deck in to san francisco the oakland- mes. towards san francisco city streets is about 20-25 minutes from the oakland m aze however, the san mateo/92 is looking good. however, getting clef a bit more
6:51 am
crowded. with a sluggish traffic and even some bosseschool buses off of the shoulder. it is moving still however, decent. towards the nimitz freeway. is dealing with a crash. it is backed up all the wood to san leandro. give yourself some time to hayward also is impacting the 238. getting onto the 238 all the way to the 580. as you work your way out of castro valley towards the nimitz from hayward. and the 580 still slow. it has been busy for the last
6:52 am
couple of hours. 205 westbound towards livermore still a bit difficult but a little bit of a relief near the 680 interchange. give yourself some extra timethe 6 8 >> james: this teenager has been hospitalized it was a 19 year-old. according to witnesses the cut in line. and he went headfirst down that water slide. and then he fell down. and it is not quite clear how he fell off that. the height that he fell is still trying to be determined but that the highest point that water slide to 75 ft. high. he is however able to breathe on his own. perhaps you are going to see where is the bacon? rissole word the
6:53 am
american farm bureau federation is dismissing. those rumors of a bacon shortage. and you are going to have to pay more. and you are going to have to bring home the bacon. the current drought is going to drive up those prices. by as much as 10%. there are expecting that next year. 1 lb. will be $4.50 at supermarkets, nationwide. we are going to take a break. $4.50. per pound for bacon. $4.50 there's a place, a dark place, we go.
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>> adam sandler's has brought the box office back to life. debuting atat $43 mille strongest for the month of september. and also a solid
6:57 am
no. 2 of looper. and " end of watch " = #three. >> did they like that? >> yes i liked. and adam sandler was okay. >> i like him. >> but who does not get old is to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. coming up on the kron 4 morning news we are watching the heat. the big story with triple digits. and even hotter. we are going to take a look and any records with a live look. from the oakland hills. and in the world according to kerry. we have the oakland raiders came and the 49ers with the world according to
6:58 am
gary. a win, loss. for those bay area teams. when derrik.
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